What is a handmade fairy tale?

It’s a story that simply was not before and that someone has handmade just for you.
A tailor and a seamstress designed it and tailor-made it for your son or your daughter, your little niece or grandchild, for a boy or a girl you know and you think that deserves a fairy tale of his own.
Because this is a handmade fairy tale, a unique and original story, conceived for one child and, therefore, his and his only, in which he also is the protagonist.
A written fairy tale and a painting that portrays it, made to give a child something that is not the usual pair of pants or a sweater that will not fit anymore after ten days and will disappear somewhere. Made to give a child, your child, something precious that will stay with him forever: a world, the world of imagination.
A world that, when he grows, he will read and look again and again and maybe it will remind him the child he was, and that somewhere, inside himself, he still is.


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Filippo Santi, since 1975.

Once upon a time a child, born in 1975 in a country lying on the sea.
Today that child is nearly 40 years old, and that does not prevent him from still being a child. However, everyday, in Rome, he disguises himself as an adult who works as a copywriter at an advertising agency.
But as soon as he has a bit of time a no one sees him, he returns into the child he still is and begins to write tales.

Raquel García, Fine Arts.

The same time there was a girl who loved to paint. She already painted before she learned to walk. She already painted even before she learned to speak ... Who saw her ensures that her fingers’ tips are real brushes. Who knows her affirms that she always goes everywhere armed with her painting case and that she doesn’t let a day pass without filling the world of colours.